*That is the number of years ago today this site began operation.

Thank you for reading.

Yes, you personally! Don’t be bashful.

It often feels like no time at all has passed, yet the act of clicking through my archives never fails to startle me with how many weeks of comics it’s really been. I can easily conjure my state of affairs, my state of mind from the Summer of 2004, but there is a real disconnect between all I recall of back then and the miniature daily ‘life’ I’ve lead on the internet since that time. I’ve been blogging forever, and hardly at all.

Heh - it wasn’t quite a daily life either; my unparalleled mastery of logical thinking led to conclude that the absolute best way to launch a new website was to start one up right away, then take a vacation less than a week later. Not a ‘vacation’ from the internet, a literal getaway to the ocean, pre-planned. It was the only significant drop in daily operation for this site - it was also the last time I saw the ocean.

So now I’m going again. I’m taking a vacation for the weekend. There’s a new post right under this one, in case you haven’t seen it yet, and that will be all until the weekend is through. I hope the seagulls don’t get excited over the vinegar fries and peck off my blogging fingers and crap in my eyes.


And thank you again, because it’s worth saying twice.