I'm here and elsewhere.

*Courtesy of the awesome Zack Soto in the other day’s comments section, here’s that Grant Morrison/Deepak Chopra panel from San Diego I've been babbling about. The whole one and a half hour thing, it looks like! The echo effect in the room provides some trouble, with Morrison’s accent in particular cause for some constant backtracking on my part, but hey - I’m not complaining too much at the virtual front row seat. Go look.

*Trailer up (NOT WORK SAFE) for the new Paul Verhoven film, Zwartboek - it's a Netherlands/UK/Germany co-production, and the director's big reunion with screenwriter Gerard Soeteman, who worked on many of Verhoven's earlier features like Soldier of Orange, Spetters, and Flesh + Blood. Looks like sex and violence and Nazis; might turn out to be typical, but there's always something pulsing underneath Verhoven's scenes. I also really liked the use of the song in the first ten seconds, but that's trailer talk.

*Guest Spots Dept: A little while ago, I was very graciously offered the opportunity to write a special piece for the popular blog Comics Should Be Good over at Comic Book Resources - they’re going to have a number of guests writing things for them in the future as a recurring feature, and mine is up right now, so it will serve as an amendment to today's short post. It's a little story about time, and the Punisher, and my beloved great aunt, who is probably not aware of how much she's responsible for what's up on this site every day. I hope you all find it to be to your liking!