That was indeed an Easter.

*Lots of driving and eating and shaking hands. It was nice, though I could have done without running into that goddamned James Blunt song a minimum of six times on a two hour drive. I should invest in a cd player or satellite radio or something, right after I switch over to power windows and unleaded fuel. Hope you all had a nice day, with whatever you were all doing.

*Changing Times Dept: As some of you might already know (if you’ve been following it weekly), Chris Ware just recently wrapped up his serialized Building Stories in The New York Times Magazine - the complete 30-chapter saga is still available for free download, albeit in PDF format. A good chance to devour it all in one sitting, now that there’s no waiting.

So does this mean the Times is done with comics? Oh no, apparently they’ve already got their next feature lined up: a weekly page following the newest exploits of Jaime Hernandez’s character Maggie from Love and Rockets, according to the message board at TCJ. Hernandez is reputedly set to start in one week, on April 23rd, leaving no gap in the comics coverage. This comes hot on the heels of the announcement of brother Gilbert’s upcoming addition to Fantagraphics’ Ignatz line of deluxe pamphlets, New Tales of Old Palomar, a semiannual three-issue miniseries set to begin in September. And don’t miss Beto’s all-new Vertigo graphic novel, Sloth, out on July 5th! Busy times for Hernandez fans.