Hammered with stuff...

*...so I don't have much time to post. I drove through rain and sun today. I found orange soda at the end of the road. That was good, but gas is $2.79 per gallon now, unlike the $1.79 this post held out for hours and hours today - you'd think I could get through a post this small without a silly error, but you'd be wrong there. Anyway - $2.79. That's just the rolling hills of Pennsylvania talking, of course - I'm sure this is nothing compared to LA and the like. Have I linked to Abhay's great discussion of comics art yet? Now I have. Still reading through this week's comics, save for Desolation Jones, which has now been sold out from two shops I've checked. I'll fix that tomorrow. I hear there's graphic violence in that issue?

*UPDATE (4/14/06 12:52 PM): Since this post is awful skimpy as it is, I'l add this in now instead of saving it for later - a very nice thread on The Engine, starting out with Warren Ellis bringing up Japan as Viewed by 17 Creators co-editor Frédéric Boilet's Nouvelle Manga Manifesto, and eventually evolving into a discussion of the manga presence in France, and economics behind the current French bandes dessinées scene, with sales numbers and payment schemes described. Good reading.