Sunday gone away posting.

*Not much time today, busy with preparing stuff for the week. Not as busy a week as last time, but still crowded...

*No time is too late for a good Best Of list, and thus it was great to read Tom Spurgeon’s array of the 50 finest comics of 2005, posted just today. A ton of great ideas for reading exploration! Also, you all should check out his posting of Bruce Chrislip’s interview with the excellent Carol Tyler, whose short stories were collected into a recent book by Fantagraphics, Late Bloomer. Tyler's stories are always a treat, and the interview is a good one.

*Goddamn Dept: According to artist Tim Sale, DC’s creator spotlight series Solo will be cancelled soon. No word on how many issues are left in its run. If this proves true - well shit. (found at the NYC Mech board).

*What time is it?