Oh well...

*Oh well, maybe I’ll blog about this program that’s on television. Hey - that’s all I’m doing tonight!

The 546th Annual 'Oscar' Awards of the Academy of Science and Pictures

(a review)

*The Oscar show opened depicting the dead walking the streets of the city under a horrid, rust-colored sky. Spider-Man and other fantastic persons and things sweep around on the outskirts - because fantasy and sci-fi films have such a fine record in regards to whopping Oscar wins outside of the technical categories. Perhaps undead Chaplin will rip a chunk out of Darth Vader’s neck? None are allowed within the pearly gates of the Oscar; the flaming sword of the angel is keeping the resurrected in their CGI purgatory.

*Ha ha! Gays!

*Actually, this ‘former host’ bit is kind of amusing; I wish David Letterman would come back forever.

*Jon Stewart, on the other hand, is quite clearly praying for an assassin’s bullet. Look into his eyes. One between ‘em. Every time he screams to an uncomfortable crowd shot, it’s like a small death.

*Ha ha! Gays!

*Oh Jesus, Jon Stewart just called Nicole Kidman untalented, didn’t he? That’s kind of funny, I think. Should I laugh?

*George Clooney jokes about Batman dying; he’s instantly more of a cut-up than the host. Apparently, Hollywood is responsible for saving America from all evils. The musical undercurrent is certainly nice; like a constant, looming threat for everyone to get off the stage. Like a well-muscled goon lurking right off to the side of the stage, only more elegant. But I know some pretty elegant goons myself...

*Tom Hanks being hurt is inherently amusing.

*I guess I’ll put something up every fifteen minutes, half hour or so.