In which I present the writings of others, as I have little of my own.

*I am being killed to death with stuff here, so today is going to have to be quick. All the more frustrating when there’s things that need writing, damn it! I hope to have my special ‘Neil Gaiman in comics’ post up sometime later this week. It’s not on any comics Gaiman wrote, of course.

*Stop the Presses Dept: Apparently Hepcats is coming back, now as a web comic. You remember Hepcats, right? College newspaper strip turned ongoing pamphlet drama in 1989? Pretty popular artifact from the ’90s self-publishing boom? Heavy Dave Sim influence, both in visual style and storytelling structure, not to mention publishing strategy? Stalled mid-storyline in 1994, then was reprinted by Antarctic Press from 1996-98 to set up an intended revival, though no new material appeared beyond an original issue #0? Well now writer/artist Martin Wagner has noted in the text of one of his eBay art print sales that he’s planning to finish off the Snowblind storyline for free online, starting in the Spring. I personally didn’t think Hepcats really started to work until its later issues, where Wagner managed some gut-punch images of genuine aplomb - I’ll keep an eye out to see what develops. (Found at TCJ)

*Neilalien is always good with the links, and he’s recently provided a nice one - I’d not known that the University of Florida houses an online journal dedicated to comics scholarship. It’s called ImageTexT: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies, and it just recently posted its newest issue, full of interesting stuff. I can’t think of anywhere else where you can get an 8000 word analysis of the ecofeminist themes present in Serpieri’s Druuna albums, a (mostly spot-on) critique of Dan Raeburn’s Chris Ware book, and an extended exploration of Alan Moore’s treatment of what ‘history’ is throughout his body of work, all in one place. Very thick, lengthy reading, and good food for thought. I haven’t yet been able to process all of this stuff myself…