Another Saturday post like all the rest of my Saturday posts.

*Kind of funny. I’m usually doing ‘important’ things (that is, taken in the grand scheme of my strikingly unimportant existence) during the week, yet I usually have time for reviews and stuff. And then Saturday arrives, and I suddenly find myself tossed around with activities that don’t carry quite as much impact, but always manage to push me into burning up all of my free time. Crazy.

*I did finally find a copy of Dragon Head Vol. 1 (of 10), the initial English-language outing for Minetaro Mochizuki’s much-recommended disaster survival series - some readers might recognize the author most from a movie adapted from his work: Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl. Still haven’t quite dug into it. I have managed to plow through Saki Okuse’s Twilight of the Dark Master, and the less said about that the better. I did recall hearing some nice things about the anime adaptation of the work, which I haven’t seen, though I must presume any quality therein rose primarily through overpowering the source text. A heroic act, that.

*God. Well, I have to leave now, so that Jiro Taniguchi piece I’m working on has to wait for a few days. Oh Hotel Harbour View, you and your weird vinyl dustjacket will wait another day for me, won’t you?

*Anyway: Batgirl.