What a post.

*New column. It combines faulty youthful perceptions, dying shopping centers, Deathmate Red, psychogeography, Christmas, Swamp Thing on the USA Network, NEC's Tales Too Terrible to Tell, Free Comic Book Day 2002, and the natural decay of all human endeavors. Hope ya like it.

*Very light today, besides that column. Might be lighter tomorrow. It's go time back here, but the weekend is calling me.

*A bit more information about the upcoming Viz Signature line rolls in, courtesy of ICv2. It’s now out that two continuing titles (Phoenix and Vagabond) previously sheltered under Viz’s Editor’s Choice line will be moved under the newer label. And judging from my (limited) research, it appears that everything else under the Editor’s Choice banner is either finished, about to finish (Saikano), or perpetually in limbo (No. 5, anyone?), the only real question mark being Tetsuya Saruwatari’s Tough. While there’s been no announcement that ‘Viz Signature is the new Editor’s Choice,’ it certainly seems to me that the mission statement of the newer label matches that which I inferred from the older one - it seems mainly like publicity to me (though, obviously, publicizing your new books is not a bad idea, don’t get me wrong).

Granted, I can’t say that Golgo 13 or many of Urasawa’s works are at all akin to the view most people have of Merchant/Ivory productions or ‘Miramax’ (whatever the hell that even means - are we talking Oscar bait? the Dimension stuff? the recent shelf-warmers? Four Rooms?) - from what I've read, they strike me as exceedingly effective pop entertainment with big audiences in mind (I’ve not read Monster in particular, though). Maybe we’re talking comparatively…

*Updates Dept: Lengthy article on the Speakeasy situation up at Buzzscope with many a new comment from the parties involved, not all of them very positive. Take a look.