What a day!

*Actually, the holiday spirit has sapped my ability to hang onto time in any substantive way. It's sad. But the internet will help us out just a little through


Rock ‘N’ Roll #1 (of 1) (Fine-looking art with a crispy thin story)

Seven Soldiers - Mister Miracle #2 (of 4) (Which I didn't like too much, although I just read the freshly-released solicitation for issue #4, and I think it actually sounds pretty neat)

All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #1 Special Edition

Demo and Demo: The Twelve Original Scripts

What month is it again?

*Unbridled Hilarity Dept: Apparently, the V For Vendetta movie screened at the Ain’t it Cool News-backed Butt-Numb-A-Thon 7, and oh my are the raves flying. In an unexpected twist, Harry Knowles goes way over the top, declaring the film “the most intense cinematic cry for Anarchy since A CLOCKWORK ORANGE,” which rather suggests that it’s been a while since he’s seen the Kubrick film. Also - “Alan Moore is a bitch for even thinking of bitching about this. It is fucking PERFECT.”

Really, I doubt anything else this week will top Harry Knowles calling Alan Moore a bitch in pure comedy value, so I won’t even bother looking.

*I can hardly keep up with the days anymore. Hard to get a grip on


Spaniel Rage: Well, I’m not seeing any tell-tale symbols beside this entry on Diamond’s list, so I guess this is the first time they’re releasing Buenaventura Press’ 120-page trade collection of three autobiographical minicomics by Vanessa Davis, all material culled from her journals and sketchbooks. It’s actually been out for at least a quarter of a year, but hey - maybe your shop will have a new copy waiting for you now. I’ve not read this, but a lot of people seem to enjoy it, and Buenaventura always pours love into its releases.

Destined for Dizziness: Oh, I get it - it’s ‘finally release things from Buenaventura week’ at Diamond! Continuing the celebration, here’s a 48-page children’s book by Souther Salazar. I really enjoyed Salazar’s work in various editions of Kramer’s Ergot, really effective use of collage and scribbles and tiny intricate renderings and gag strip iconography; this $5.95 production might be a nice, accessible way to get into his work, and it’s work you ought to look at.

Asterix and the Falling Sky: Not that the pokey releases are exclusive to Buenaventura books. Here’s that thing that came out in Europe back in October and sold 2.5 jillion copies in twenty-three minutes or something. And that was just Luxembourg.

The Best of the Spirit: Ah, here’s what we need - nice affordable reprints of Will Eisner’s most immediately recognizable work; it’s unfortunate that ‘easily recognizable’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘widely read’ anymore, but maybe some of that will change with this 192-page, $14.95 softcover. Twenty-two short stories will be included, plus an intro by Neal Gaiman. The years covered are 1940-1950, and I’m pretty sure Jules Feiffer was doing some writing on the title by the end there, though only Eisner is credited with script and art in DC’s solicitation. Very much worth a look.

Local #2: This time, the setting is Minneapolis, MN, hometown of series artist Ryan Kelly. Still waiting on the announcement of the Wilkes-Barre, PA issue, which has to be coming, since Wilkes-Barre is right at the center of every national discussion. I bet they’re saving the best for last. You know, there was a mention of Wilkes-Barre in the newest issue (#36) of World War III Illustrated (of all places), in a story illustrated by Spain Rodriguez (of all people). Wait - ah, here’s the page online (which itself is safe, through some of the site is NOT SAFE FOR WORK)! From the Justin Wertham creation, Dies Irae. Where was I?

DMZ #2: Oh right. This is the second Brian Wood-written comic out this week, both of which are on their second issues. Interested in seeing which direction this book is headed in.

Omega the Unknown Classic: Well, with that Stephen King thing not due out until 2007 now, it looks like the Jonathan Lethem-written revival of this Steve Gerber/Mary Skrenes creation is back to being one of the bigger 2006 superhero projects by an acclaimed prose writer. In anticipation, here’s all ten issues of the original series, with Defenders #76 and #77 included as well.

Secret War #5 (of 5): Oh man, finally! Finally!! I’ve so been waiting for Kevin Smith to get back on the ball and finish his stories!