Links - The Lightning Round

*New column is up today, this time rambling on about the internet and Claypool and the Third Age and all of the other things we’ve heard about this week. It was fun dipping into my Warren Ellis quote archive to find just the right framing device (it's also great for parties). Give it a read.

*I see blo.gs’ health has not improved in the last 24 hours (unless it sprang to life earlier today and has now suffered an unfortunate relapse). Well, it’s not of all that much consequence, though I know some of you like to check the blogging page shopping list update typhoon. I’ll light a candle for you, blo.gs.

*Foreign Shores Dept: Those of you into non-English comics might be interested in checking out Q strip, a Croatia-based comics magazine that I believe has Darko Macan as its editor-in-chief. They have an interesting linkblog at their site (which, as one would expect, is not in English), which will take you to some interesting places (or, in the alternative, back to here). I know I can spend forever flipping back and forth through this online Asterix catalog (move your mouse over to the corners of the pages)...

*Alan David Doane has a review of The Ticking by Renee French over at Comic Book Galaxy - it’ll be neat to see reviews rolling in as the long crawl toward the book’s April 2006 release date continues. It’ll also give me a nice opportunity to keep linking back to my own review of the book from two months ago (you’ll have to scroll down past that long story about apples). It's a book worth looking forward to.

*And finally - James Joyce: teen idol.