The curtain closes on another Sunday...

*Another weekend passed by...

*Yes, I’m Obsessed Dept: Fresh updates on those OEL manga newspaper features have emerged on the Comics Journal board. It seems that the titles will actually be rolled out one of a time, with the first completing a limited run before the second arrives. This neatly explains the discrepancies between the widely reported start date of this stuff and the impressions of the Van Von Hunter crew - presumably, Peach Fuzz will be first up in January of 2006, and Van Von Hunter will follow in late spring/early summer. The format looks to be not the familiar-to-newspapers strip format, but a pair of familiar-to-manga-fans digest-sized pages side-by-side. Interesting.

*And speaking of the Journal board, I think Ian will be particularly interested in this American Flagg! thread:

AMERICAN FLAGG would make a great HBO series. The Soviet stuff would need to be reworked but, could you imagine say, David Chappelle as the head of the Pan African League or Sarah Silverman as that chick with the swastika necklace.”

Plus - thoughts on Howard Chaykin as a socio-political prophet.

*Here’s your alternative comics hype of the day -

C.F.'s book that I'm going to do in a couple of years is simply an entirely new conception of comics as fresh -- and as beautifully drawn -- as [Winsor] McCay was 100 years ago.”

Big words from Tom Spurgeon’s interview with Dan Nadel, mastermind of The Ganzfeld and PictureBox, Inc., which just recently released the excellent Paper Rad, B.J. and da Dogs, which I’ll have a review of as soon as I find the right means of approaching the subject. Needless to say, anyone who even remotely likes the work of Ben Jones, solo or as part of Paper Rad, really needs to get this book. I don’t think Diamond has it out yet, and I haven’t seen it in bookstores, but you can always order it direct from The Ganzfeld homepage linked above, and you just might get some fun surprises included with your order.

Anyway, Christopher Forgues, the ‘C.F.’ Nadel refers to, will be familiar to readers of Paper Rodeo or Kramers Ergot 4 and 5 (he also did the cover for 5). Nadel is also planning a book with Fort Thunder’s Brian Chippendale (whose Maggots sank along with Jones’ SMB3 following the collapse of Highwater) for 2006, and a Marc Bell tome for 2007. Plus: more Paper Rad later next year! All Winsor McCay comparisons aside, Nadel is publishing some of the most exciting upcoming books I can think of; I certainly recommend you read that interview, and visit the sites linked above.

*Finally, Kotonoha are the finest people around. Here's one reason why.