Oh just look at that.

*Well, good thing we’ve got this week’s column to shore up this teeny tiny post’s reading time! It’s a bunch of thoughts on the reprinting and representation of earlier work into collected format, and I think I bring up movies and the collector’s mentality at some point too. Have a ball with it.

*Here’s a random question to toss out into the internet void: anyone happen to know when Hellshock: The Definitive Edition is coming out? It was due back in July, and then I think it was supposed to be out in September, and now it’s October and it’s still never showed. I’ve been flipping through my back issues recently; too bad they elected not to include the first miniseries - sure, it was typical early Image nonsense through and through (the first issue was released with only 14 story pages, I recall), but it had a certain charm, and it’s nice to see how far writer/artist Jae Lee and colorist/occasional co-writer Jose Villarrubia have come. Ah well, Villarrubia isn’t even going to be around for the collection’s 22 pages of new concluding material (regular Lee colorist June Chung is stepping in). Can anyone help me out?

*In return, in case anybody hasn’t seen it, here’s a fully-authorized boatload of vintage Cerebus stuff, including all of the color shorts from Epic Illustrated, Sim & Gerhard’s contribution to the rare AARGH - Artists Against Rampant Government Homophobia anthology, and other assorted shorts and roughs. Really awesome stuff.

*I’m between writings right now. Gotta keep up a steady pace. I had something I was going to write about, but then it went and transformed into next week’s column. Funny how that happens. I also came dangerously close to spending $7 on a complete set of Viz’s old Lycanthrope Leo miniseries; it’s a manga about werewolves, and there’s a lot of bleeding. That’s really all I needed to know, but then I didn‘t buy it regardless. Anyhow, tomorrow we’ve got something on the cultural and gender undercurrents running through Dark Horse’s latest manga release, Lady Snowblood, and Monday’s hopefully going to bring something really really neat.