Oh - HERE'S where I'm cut off!

*Well, yesterday wasn’t nearly as heavy as I thought it’d be. Unfortunately, today leaves no room for maneuvering. Still -

*Halloween Chills Dept: I have been informed by my advisors that ‘the kids’ enjoy manga these days. Obviously then, they’ll enjoy the works of Suehiro Maruo; I expect that copies of Ultra-Gash Inferno and Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show can be found in every high school locker in America by now, and for fine reason. Thus, it’s in the spirit of the season that I direct you to this excerpt from a lovely story by dear Mr. Maruo, which I just know all the chatrooms will be buzzing about by Saturday.

Actually, in all seriousness, the story strikes me as a far more extreme (content-wise) mutation of the classic EC style, complete with gobs of dark humor, excellent visuals, and simple, pulpy storytelling (without all those back-breaking narrative captions that EC so adored). So it really does work as a Halloween treat, if as sort of a razor slipped into the Snickers bar.

*How about a micro-review? Marvel Monsters - Where Monsters Dwell #1, a four-story mini anthology, wasn’t very good at all. It didn’t help that I read Peter David’s tired-feeling Hollywood joke thing after a better, somewhat similar story in IDW’s Doomed magazine (see my below post). And while I sort of liked the ending page, the Manoo story just seemed overly familiar and dull. That leaved the interesting visual treat of Mike Allred inking Keith Giffen’s pencils, but the story was pretty one-joke (Bombu is a shitty monster) and the joke isn’t all that funny. And the dot-coloring style was more distracting than anything. The fourth, ‘vintage’ story is probably the most successful, if only through its total lack of self-awareness and its distinct energy (dig that opening panel)! Not a good buy (it’s no Devil Dinosaur, that’s for sure), save your horror pennies for Doomed.

*Woo! Tomorrow is ‘catch-up day,’ in which I try to recover my pace on all the things I’ve been meaning to write. It’ll be something.