Clawing upward, sifting through an atmosphere of ash and velvet; it's sticking to my nails.

*I just had the deepest sleeping nap I’ve had in a long time. It felt like I slept all night, but it was only two hours.

Yeah, today really gave me a pounding, but it’s over. I do get to rise at 8:00 or so tomorrow to get back to work, but it’s not as intense as it was today. I did find time to buy some comics, which are still sitting in their bag.

Stuff stuff stuff. Today was a flurry of emails and missed connections and announcements of future delightful projects. At this rate, the spookiest part of this Halloween is going to be where I throw myself in front of a truck for a brief respite. Drop some Vicodin in my trick or treating bag and I’ll sing.

Ah well, it’s lightening up. The week’s ending, and next week is looking much quieter. I’m rambling. I’m very tired.

*Prolificacy Dept: Fantagraphics presents - Jason, book 8, summer 2006.

*On the plus side, nothing much of note went on in comics today either, it seems. Hey, blo.gs is down. Well, looks like it can wait until tomorrow.

*Tomorrow, early evening, I will review the zombies and the independent comics and more.