Old tricks.

*DC solicitations? Hell, I haven’t gone over those in a while. This is for stuff out in October:

- Alan Moore is back at ABC in a way nobody quite expected: an all-new 64-page Tomorrow Stories Special, which sounds like a transformed version of the rumored 64-page ABC special Moore was allegedly working on to wrap up the universe, so to speak. I mostly enjoyed Tomorrow Stories in its original run; everything was at least decent except for The First American, the only feature apparently absent from this new book as luck would have it, being replaced by Jonni Future from Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales. It’ll be nice to have Moore back with these characters, though I must note that Steve Moore is also doing back-up scripting duty (obviously on Jonni, which he always wrote, but possibly on other features), much as he did on the first ABC 64-page giant from back in the day. All of the original artists return as well for the Tomorrow Stories regulars, though it’s not stated if Art Adams is drawing Jonni.

- Still no sign of Moore’s anticipated return to Tom Strong, though now at least we’re finally getting around to wrapping up that Peter Hogan cliffhanger from eleven issues ago, with no less than Chris Sprouse and Karl Story back in action.

- Speaking of absent caretakers, I note a distinct lack of Joe Casey in that new Wildcats: Nemesis mini, the writing duties having been surrendered to Robbie Morrison. It looks much closer to the early Image version of the WildC.A.T.s (note the acronym) than anything else. Do not fret, though! It appears that characters from Casey’s Wildcats 3.0 will be appearing in The Intimates #12. Unfortunately, it looks like original penciller Giuseppe Camuncoli will not be returning to interior art any time soon, the surprise fill-in pencils on the recent issue #9 having saddened me a bit…

- Mike Allred. Solo. All you all need to know.

- Klarion has a great cover, as usual. Ha ha, they’re burning the kitty too!

- EDIT (7/18/05 2:34 AM): Oh holy crap how did I miss this: THIRD DOOM PATROL TRADE! And they put Flex's name right in the solicitation copy! I swoon!

- And, mercifully, Infinite Crisis finally begins, which means it can immediately get on with the process of ending.

That is all! None of those other comics matter!

*Tom Spurgeon is running some nice breakdowns of San Diego. I’m most interested in his comments about panels. The following language really got me going (I’m adding emphasis when needed):

The David B. panel was really laidback but extremely interesting, with an audience that seemed engaged with the artist's Epileptic, and asked question about metaphor and visual language. There were 45-50 people in attendance.”

Out of how many people in overall attendance? How many tens of thousands?! But hell, don’t get worried over that; how about a front-of-Previews publisher?

The Image panel only had 37 people in it when I stopped by.”

Oh man. Oh man. I don’t think Tom meant 37 people addressing an audience from the panel itself, I think he’s talking audience size. Jesus god that’s distressing. Where was the other 99.96% of the paying attendees?

Oh, I don’t know for sure, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest that maybe it was the Superman Returns showcase, scheduled for the same time. You know, a movie? Instead of new comics? Yep, that’s it!

*On the plus side (I guess), it came out that The Punisher MAX is apparently going to continue after the current arc, with Frank taking on the NYPD. So that puts one puzzlingly ongoing concern of this site to bed for now.

*I need bed too. Tomorrow we’ll have a pretty big manga thing, a tribute to a characters closer to the US vision of what a comic book character should be then most, with all of the accompanying presentational twists. No fixed ending. No fixed writers or artists, though a ‘house’ style is mandated. Nobody ages. Nobody really changes. A better-than-human icon, fighting since 1969. Star of film and animation, and 8-bit gaming to boot.

His exploits have filled upwards of 150 collected volumes in Japan.

Exactly nine publications of his adventures have appeared in English in the United States.

I have seven of them.

Tomorrow: Duke Togo - In America!