I am respecting a day of rest.

*A quote to complete your weekend:

For some reason DC sent us tickets for the DC Batman Begins screening. To the shredder, Robin!”

- Evan Dorkin, on his site.

*I am totally spent for the weekend. “Kid Eternity” just kicked the crap out of my weekend blogging powers. I must recharge until tomorrow.

*Garth Ennis updates from Philly: No really, seriously, "City Lights" is coming out... er... eventually. Scout's honor.

And hey! Yet more Kev (here titled "The Magnificent Kevin")! Sadly, it looks like Glenn Fabry is down to covers-only, with Carlos Ezquerra handling the interior art.

*Meanwhile, to continue with today’s theme of letting the work of others carry me around, here’s an archive of Toronto Comic Arts Festival audio, including Dave Sim’s ‘Cerebus Live!’ performance (he does all the voices) and a “Bone” presentation by Jeff Smith, along with the Doug Wright Awards. All are roughly an hour long, so settle in. And after you’re done with that, click on the ‘Ellis’ link for no less than 14 sound clips (ranging from one to six minutes long) from Warren Ellis’ q&a session at the Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon. The ‘Authority’ clip doesn’t work for me, though. All of it was recorded by Jamie Coville, it's housed at The Graphic Novels, and there's lots more at Collector Times, and I found it at (where else?) the Comics Journal message board.