*Saturday has me wasted. Has it wasted you too? A minor apocalypse is shouting threats from backstage. More than one large event on tap for next week.

*Confidential to Ian: Thanks so much, I've got it now!

*My, that message was certainly confidential... I hope nobody read it but Ian.

*Tom Spurgeon reviewed a lot of stuff... Nil looked really good in preview form; I'll need to impulse it if I run across a copy in a shop.

*You know what I just saw sitting in a shop for the first time ever a few months ago? Mother Come Home. I'd bought the book online before that, of course, but I'd never seen a copy sitting in a comic store. I pointed this fact out to the owner, who flipped though it.

"Hmmmm, looks more D&Q than Dark Horse, doesn't it?"

Luckily, it was one of the shops that stocked D&Q as well.

*My latest little plunge into Grant Morrison's past seems to have gone over fairly well, so like the happy monkey that I am I've got a similar (yet oh so tantalizingly different!) plan for tomorrow, a decent-sized feature, tentatively titled "The Worst of Alan Moore." So stay tuned, Wildstorm fans...