In lieu of a real update...

*Sean T. Collins: He's got it right. Honestly, as soon as I looked over the Rosenbaum essay under consideration when Tom Spurgeon first linked to it, I thought to myself: "Oh man, I bet Sean T. Collins is going to respond to this." I was so right, and the results are very good.

*Nothing much else today, I'm afraid, as my time is at a real premium. I was thinking about doing a mock meme on the topic of things I think are overrated, wherein I'd include such items as 'comics' and 'sunshine' and 'language' and 'other persons' but I got halfway through and I realized that I'd get exactly as many laughs by simply telling the jokes quickly through the context of dismissal, as I'm doing right now. And now it's late and my time is really up.

*Tomorrow: review of a recent comic-reated prose book (and it's not "Voice of the Fire")! Be good.