Hoo hoo hoooo.

*What? Folks aren’t rampaging across the internet for their Memorial Day weekend?! That is unexpected and distressing!

*Well actually, neither am I. Just no time to sit down and concentrate on a good review. How is your Memorial Day going so far, everyone? I have had so much pleasure so far. Meeting the new 16-year old girlfriend of a college junior pal, driving through pea soup fog in the mountains on the way home from a remote restaurant, hearing the same OMG Top 500 Classic Rock Hits countdown on every classic rock station while driving in and out of station reach. Hopefully soon we’ll go stumble through the graves and be done with it.

*I actually bought that “Desperado Primer” though. The first story, an excerpt from Tony Harris’ upcoming two-book original graphic novel series “Roundeye” was pretty good. Harris’ art is looking a lot better than it does on “Ex Machina”, where it’s heavy on the photo ref to the point of occasional unintended humor. Here he looks almost like he’s channeling P. Craig Russell, with soft curvy lines and dripping panel structure. Very lush, liquid stuff. The story regards a big fat western samurai who cuts a foe’s legs off, then a raccoon runs up to him and calls him “Daddy” and he starts to cry, then launches into an ode toward the mole on a beloved woman’s foot. Interesting stuff; something to look out for. The other two stories are not too good, but the shorter, one-page previews look kind of cool. Looks like they’re going for some Dark Horse-style art book audience, with tomes on Russell and Brian Bolland.