Not quite there...

*From the 100% Useless Accomplishments Dept: I am now the #6 link on Google for the word 'jog'. I'm not saying that I'm ready to knock out the #1 leader, a UK-based yacht racing club called the Junior Offshore Group. Not just yet. It'll be hard enough taking on S-Jog, which is somehow mixed up with Sony and laptops and something called a Jog Wheel. That stuff scares me, like all things I don't instantly understand. Perhaps I should form a strategic alliance with Jog A Dog; not only do they have a great name, but a big archive of movie clips devoted to nothing but dogs running in place on the site's special treadmill-like machine. It's hypnotic and happy, exactly what I look for in an ally! I expect they'll value my own contributions, seeing as how I lay at the end of an Internet search for 'dk2 mistress voices', truly a skill to covet.

*It wouldn't do to simply edit my below post to add this info, since the whip-crack pace of today's harried blogging society leaves even the prior evening's musings choking on exhaust fumes and ruing the cruel march of time, so here's the deal on that new issue of "The Comics Journal" out today: plenty of essays and comments on Will Eisner from a huge range of folks. I mean Scott McCloud, Batton Lash, Michael Chabon, Dave Sim, Jeff Smith, Mike Ploog, Steven Grant, Tom Spurgeon, Bill Sherman, and the inimitable Gary Groth himself (who's posted his full essay online). Plus: comics! And reviews from all your favorites, inculding Sean and Tim. So look for the comics magazine with the handsome young man on the cover today.

*Say, vote for the Squiddies! It's one of the oldest industry awards still active, open to all who post or lurk at the rec.arts.comics.* newsgroups, and they've just added a blogging category. Johanna has all the details. Voting extends from April 1 - 24.

*OK, time to let the big ol' world slap me silly once more. New comics sparkle tomorrow.