*Well, this turned out too long to be an update to the prior post.

*I'm getting sick. Scratchy throat, cough, I feel kind of warm in my head... shitty shit shit.

I do have the new "Entertainment Weekly" (#807) though and wouldn't you know it, there's a huge "Sin City" cover story. 'Is this the next Pulp Fiction?' screams the caption. Oh, and when I said 'huge' I meant five pages, two of which are taken up by a big (color) partial cast photo, which actually is a pretty decent size for a feature in the 'front half'. Still, there's some nice info, including some choice quotes from co-director Frank Miller, who even alludes to some of his upcoming comics projects: "All-Star Batman" is never mentioned by name, but we do get a tentative title for Miller's other Batman project, the book he's been writing and drawing since "DK2" wrapped: "Holy Terror Batman". Stick a comma after 'Terror' and slap an exclamation point on the end and I'm already sold. Also, Robert Rodriguez reveals exactly what Quentin Tarantino is directing (not an action scene) and notes that he's already wrapped another 3D family film, with yet more in the cards. I guess that means that "Madman" movie he's supposedly had coming up 'next' is shitcanned for another few years? There's also some stuff about the "Constantine" movie in the 'Spring Movie Preview' section, but the whole thing's one of those fluff pieces where they let the creative team gush about how awesome everyone was to work with and not a frowny face is seen on every fucking set of every movie due out from now till April. Blar.

On some more interesting pages, we get a nice illustration by "Blab" regular Gary Basemen for some 'The 50 Greatest Love Songs' quickie (#1: The Beach Boys - "God Only Knows"). And off the back section, Books reviewer Nisha Gopalan more or less blasts the shit out of Posy Simmonds' "Gemma Bovery", giving it a 'D' grade, dubbing the lead character "a snore, a Bridget Jones knockoff", and generally mustering as much distaste as one can realistically be expected to when given a 100-word capsule review space to fill.