I'm punting this one.

*Nothing much today. "Entertainment Weekly" reviewed a few comics, in teeny-tiny 100 word spaces, including volume 1 of "Apocalypse Meow" which came out months and months ago (it got an 'A-'). "The Couriers 03" gets a 'B+'. And as for stuff I haven't read myself, an 'A-' for the currently running Vertigo series "Trigger" and a 'B' for the IDW release "Sword of Dracula". Oh, and the "Constantine" movie got a 'C+', slightly better than the 'C' of "Son of the Mask". Of course, both of these movies got larger reviews (at least twice the size) of anything handed the comics.

*Has the whole Internet seen this? Yeah, I bet. Well, I just got escorted to this page and I demand you download video clip #3, which is a masterwork of comedy. The awkward beats, the totally abrupt shifts in conversation, the kid sitting in the very center getting more and more explicitly bored as the clip moves on, the look on the face of the little girl in the hat as the robot launches into a story about a hawk in the forest... it's my favorite thing of the week. Smooth robot moves too (I love when he folds his arms and contemplates).