*Yes, there’s just no way I can remember


Astonishing X-Men #8, Ocean #4 (of 6)

Tom Strong #31

Promethea #32 (hmmm... the permalink is broken... I'll need to try and fix that, just scroll down a bit to see the review for now EDIT: 8:02PM - OK, working now... yeah, check this out, it's one of my more detailed pieces, and I think it turned out pretty well)

Scurvy Dogs: Rags to Riches (a preview: look for it this Wednesday!)

Tune in next week, when I forget again!

*Hell, why not THIS WEEK IN COMICS too?

Really, there’s only three items you need to pick up:

Solo #3: The Paul Pope issue. If you didn’t pick up “100%” when its five issues were released by Vertigo the other year, I really must urge you to get in line for the upcoming trade collection. It’s an excellent series of romantic story-pieces running through a lavishly detailed, gorgeously drawn future world. I’m confident that Pope’s dedication to quality will permeate this upcoming comic, a collection of stories ranging from superhero stuff (Batman and OMAC) to classic myth to slice-of-life. As usual with this book, it’s not quite ’solo’ work; Pope does handle all of the writing and art, which is closer to ‘solo’ than the prior two installments of this series, but he’s aided by a gaggle of awesome colorists, Jose Villarrubia (one of my favorites) among them. I’m just picking nits though; I’m sure the work will be fine, regardless of titular accuracy, and I’d strongly recommend you don’t let this book slip away among this week’s other worthy offerings (hey, it might even make a nice sampler for that “100%” trade).

The Comics Journal #266: The cover interview is little-known neophyte writer Brian Michael Bendis. Here’s some deleted portions of the interview, quite a lot of stuff. I suspect that the proper chat will be quite a monster. But beyond that, it’s the Journal’s 2004 Year-In-Review gala, now with honored books split up into Helpful Categories! Wow, now I won’t be confused! All of your favorite bloggers and ex-bloggers will be there too, like Dirk Deppey, Sean T. Collins, Bill Sherman, Chris Butcher, Tim O’Neil, Tom Spurgeon, and Ian Brill (yay!). Plus, a big color section spotlighting Garrett Price’s gorgeous, underappreciated “White Boy” newspaper strip. Another fine issue, I suspect. But where’s Steven Grant?!

Seven Soldiers #0: Being the anticipated, inevitable team-up of Grant Morrison and J.H. Williams III, along with the kick-off of Morrison’s ultra-ambitious 30-issue story cycle, essentially a cross-over event where none of the characters really interact and all of the books are written by Morrison, and nothing invades any pre-established books, which really sets it very much apart from the traditional notion of a ‘crossover’ in Big Two superhero comics, which presumes an interruption in action for ongoing titles for the purposes of inflated sales through story tie-ins (tenuous or not) and assorted continuity acrobatics as a bunch of characters vie for the World-Changing spotlight outside of their own titles (and spin-offs and related ‘family’ titles). Oh, and rather than a lumbering mega-story, this project is intended in be enjoyed as individual parts as well as a whole; for example, this issue purports to tell a complete story that will also serve as the prologue to an epic. It’s a strongly modified sort of crossover, possibly modified to the point where it’s no longer a crossover, but something else (DC uses the wonderful-in-spite-of-itself term of ‘storytelling venture’ in its solicitation text; and check out the preview on the same page). Morrison is on a hot streak still; lets see how well he does in redefining the crossover presentation for easy access.

There’s other books too, all miniseries in various states of progress.

BPRD: The Dead #4 (of 5): Ambles along. Maybe I’ll get excited?

Black Widow #6 (of 6): Ends. It was pretty good, but we’ll have to see this issue.

Ultimate Nightmare #5 (of 5): Also ends, and I’ll be floored if it offers anything more than an extended lead-in to the next miniseries; if I hadn’t have gotten the first three issues at a discount I’d have not touched this, but at least now I can say from experience that it’s not particularly worth touching.

Grimjack: Killer Instinct #2 (of 6): Bought issue #1 on a whim, mostly liked it.

And that’s that.