Fast Observations.

*Didn't read "Seven Soldiers" yet, but from glancing at a certain page it looks like it ties into Morrison's "JLA Classified" arc. I've been told this was coming by a few people, but for some reason I never saw it myself. Hmm.

*"Following Cerebus" #3 has a lot of talk on copyrights (always one of Sim's pet topics), reprinting an essay by Joe Bob Briggs and presenting reactions from several talents. The best quote is from Frank Miller:

"I've sold away creations - hell, even given them away, when I was young and stupid - but I intend to take Sin City and my other creations to my grave. And beyond."

*Paul Pope's issue of "Solo" reveals the title of his upcoming DC book: "Batman: Year 100".

*Probably unintentional, but this week's Comcis Journal has perhaps their greatest cover ever. It's the 2004 Books of the Year issue, and they point it out right under the title, listing a whole bunch of books that made the cut: "Fred the Clown", "Dogs and Water", "Eightball" #23, etc. But it's impossible to read them all, because a nice chunk of these titles (and all of the visible ones are non-Big Two books might I add) are blotted out into nothingness by the inky profile of feature interview subject and Marvel Comics workhorse Brian Michael Bendis. See it here. A very telling cover, even if it didn't mean to say what it does...

Flipping through, I noticed that Tom Spurgeon's (superhero-themed) column is also missing from this issue, along with Steven Grant's as I pointed out yesterday. Space issues? And there's a nice profile of Rich Johnston by Michael Dean, just to add to the Internet flavor of the issue. Also, the slick paper is gone, but the color remains.