Batch of Links.

*Four Color Meat and Fish recently ran a "Fables" contest where entrants would deliver a pitch for a comics adaptation of a Disney animated film as translated to Vertigo. I came in second place, but the first place winner, Mr. Ryan Murray, decided to kindly donate his prize (the first "Fables" trade) to me since he already owns it, and then the fine folks at the site tossed in volume 2 as well, because they're awesome. I've never read "Fables". So now I will. And I'll discuss it too. Just like my with my big "Scott Pilgrim"/"Lost at Sea" bonanza which is coming up very soon now. And thanks so so much to everyone and FCMF!

*Here's some more "Vimanarama" stuff, for those craving background. First up, Rose gets into some great discussion on the dress of some of the characters and the ever-shifting character dynamics. Very nice stuff.

Also, Silver Bullet released a gigantic batch of reviews for the book over the weekend; I particularly enjoyed Olivia Woodward's piece at the very bottom, which explores some of the symbols and spiritual overtones present in the work. Lots of fine reading there.

*Too much stuff hurting right now. More tomorrow.