Today's mission:

*Get to the woman in the hut. Give the woman in the hut my money. Get the slip of paper. The slip of paper makes me safe from parking in the city. If I park in the city, it's $8-$14 a day, and I don't want that. No, I want to walk through the wind chill to work, but only after I walk to the hut.

And really folks, what's more exciting than that?

*And in the interests of continued information of limited use for this Wednesday, here's a link to the official site of Eiji Nonaka's manga follow-up to Cromartie High School, a brand-new sci-fi comedy titled Mirai Cho Nai Kai. The button on the right is desktop stuff, the button on the left is the entire first chapter, for free. You never realize how much this stuff relies on dialogue until it's no longer in English, eh?