It is six degrees out.

*Well, first things first: the Highwater Books website is now officially gone. But don't hang your head and shuffle over to eBay just yet; a large portion of their comics stock has been moved over to a new site, Bodega Distribution. Just click on 'Shop' to stock up on all of the minis you've been meaning to accept into the warmth of your home. Note that the only way to get to Highwater's trade stock is to click on 'Books' at the top of the minicomics page. Looks like they're fresh out of "Shrimpy and Paul and Friends", but more are supposed to be arriving shortly...

*Over on the Comics Journal board, Dirk lays out some new plans for future issues. Contrary to what was printed in the back of the most recent issue (#265, just out this week), issue #267 will not feature a big Craig Thompson interview; it will instead focus on the late Will Eisner, featuring a collection of interviews and some essays. The Thompson stuff is now pushed back to issue #268, which will also feature a talk with Bob Burden of "Flaming Carrot" fame. This is on top of next issue's Bendis interview, plus an issue on shoujo manga a bit farther off in the future (and that's not counting the Journal's final Special Edition release, which will also teem with manga coverage). Big plans for that mag.

*I've got some things done that needed doing, and I'll have plenty of time to blog tomorrow seeing as how everything is going to be buried under heaps of snow. Luckily I've got everything I need to survive: my coffee bean grinder, my awesome new Harold Lloyd dvd (his last film "The Sin of Harold Diddlebock" directed by Preston Sturgess), and a gnawing sense of anxiousness. I also have a review of "Epileptic" about half-written so I'll get that up in the afternoon (and knowing me that'll actually mean the evening or October of 2005 or something).

*Hey, maybe other people will be snowed in tomorrow besides me! I should do something to help. Here's a Batman cartoon, although Superman is in it too; I think upcoming arcs of "Superman/Batman" will be using this film for ideas, so pay close attention. I think it will warm all of our homes.